<div><b>Chilli salt</b> with natural salt is enriched with mashed red chili, chilli Spicy is a food rich in vitamin C and is very healthy for our body.<br></div><div><br></div><div><ul><li><b>Packaging: </b><span>glass jar with silver lid</span></li><li><b>Net weight:</b><span> 150gr</span></li><li><b>Brute:</b><span> 382gr</span></li><li><b>Preservation:</b><span> dry place and protected from damp&nbsp;</span></li><li><b>Guaranteed expiration:</b><span> 3 years from packaging. Once open, keep in a dry place away from damp. With the sea-salt has been sun-dried and subjected to a stone milling process before being hand packed.</span></li></ul></div>

Chilli Salt

7,00 €

Manufacturer Sal de Ibiza
Category Silver salt
Weight (gr) 382
Envíos a nivel nacional e internacional
Entrega +48h en Península
14 días para devolución
Pasarela de pago segura SSL

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